EXIP Celebrates World Internet Day

The International Internet Day, also known as World Internet Day, is celebrated annually on October 29th. Though some say it was a pure coincidence, it is widely believed that the 29th of October was picked as the World Internet Day, to commemorate the world’s first electronic message which was sent on the same day in 1969. The date was inaugurated and first celebrated in November 2005 during the ‘World Summit on the Information Society. There it was decided to be proposed to the UN, the designation that October 29th be known as ‘World-wide Day of the information Society’ — resulting in World Internet Day being celebrated on that day.

Today’s internet seeds were planted in the late 1960s when computers started to transmit data over a network, by grouping them into bundles known as packets — a method called Packet Switching. The network then was known as ARPANET developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), a branch of the United States Department of Defence. ARPANET is widely attributed as the predecessor of today’s internet — The World Wide Web (www).

The Internet is constantly changing and shifting. In the beginning it was ARPA, then the World-Wide-Web revolution took over. Now we are creating a revolution! The original intention was to have the internet free for the public, though initially solely designated for military purposes. Yet to-date users are restrained by several external authorities. We are on a quest to revolutionize the internet, again, starting with a decentralized Domain Name Server (DNS). Why not have actual users hold the power for once instead of another unknown authority?
– Shashi Meghawarna, Founder & CEO of EXIP

The management of EXIP (A project geared towards developing the new decentralized internet), decided to celebrate this special day, with a massive rewards pool of 5000 EXIP Tokens, valued at over $75,000, distributed among their community members. The promotional campaign is geared towards expanding the community, thus creating an opportunity for global internet users to become a part of the community.

The EXIP Tokens, being awarded to winners of the reward pool, will play a significant role in the new decentralized internet arena. These tokens will not only serve as futuristic keys to trading domains and Top-level domains but will also endow holders with the voting power to govern. In addition, the token itself will have tradable value in several exchanges.

The competition which runs from October 29th to November 12th, encourages users with many entry points, thus increasing their odds of winning tokens. Winners will be rewarded during the IDO, which will be launched very soon. The motive of this competition is to expand and strengthen the current community. EXIP believes that the success of a revolution is directly proportional to the strength of the community. The strength is predominantly affected by the number of members. More members, stronger community.

With a technically competent Ecosystem, like-minded veterans in the management, and a strong community handling governance, EXIP’s Internet Day Celebration leaves a message that their revolutionary decentralized DNS will play a vital part on the new Internet.