EXIP Monthly Report | April 2022

Dear EXIP community,

We are writing to you again after a month of heavy technical implementation and yet to witness a month of exciting announcements. Our technical team was working on hosting facilities and upgrading the Domain Reservation System, while the Dev-team is working on the NFT marketplace platform. The planned launch of systems is now under the campaign development phase, to start with massive promotions.

This journey has given us opportunities to develop global blockchain solutions and launch our tokens on crypto platforms. All because of the trust you have in us. We value the continuous support you provide us as a community. Therefore, we have planned to expand the community in many digital spaces providing more channels to land.

Thank you for your continuous support. We hope to meet you with a planned massive launch this month which will bring EXIP’s solutions to public usage.

EXIP — Decentralized Internet Governed by Community


APRIL 2022

Technical Updates — DRS

The Technical team started working on DRS(Domain Reservation System) upgrade, mainly focusing on the feasibility of hosting solution. The updates will also include security upgrades, payment-gateway feasibility enhancement, and other minor bug fixes. The new DRS version yet to be launched and currently undergoing the testing process. With the new version the team expects the public to enjoy the new hosting facilities, which enables viewers to view the websites hosted on EXIP TLDs and Domains.

NFT Marketplace

The Dev-team has completed the platform setup, and currently the platform being tested for usability, there are minor changes taking place to the user interface. Parallelly, the marketing and operations team have started planning campaigns and promotions for the launch. An announcement on the launch is expected this month.

Community Expansion

Join the EXIP Reddit Community

Building and setting up a diverse community, EXIP targets multiple digital spaces for community expansion. Currently main community being live on Telegram(https://t.me/exipofficial), EXIP now promotes the expansion on Reddit(https://www.reddit.com/r/EXIP/). Following many suggestions from users to build a Reddit community, EXIP now considers the platform as a community expansion tool, providing an opportunity for the members of EXIP community who are on Reddit. There are more digital spaces EXIP have bookmarked for future community development.