EXIP Monthly Report | March 2022

Dear EXIP community,

Welcome to the new world of NFTs. As the world is stepping into the arena of NFTs, so does EXIP, with its whole ecosystem transforming through the next significant milestone. Unique NFTs identify the decentralized domains & TLDs we create, and now we are about to launch a marketplace to trade our domains & TLDs as NFTs — NFT MARKETPLACE.

The launch is due for the last phase of technical fine-tuning of the platform for compatibility and user interface. Our management team attended the ‘Dubai -World Blockchain Summit’ to explore the opportunities of expanding the networking and launching the NFT marketplace. We conversed and shared many thoughts with other global blockchain players during our stay in Dubai.

As you know, project EXIP is a solution from Mobiglotech Blockchain Corp. There are yet many solutions from the company addressed down the line for the community. Therefore stay tight and tuned with us for many new updates, and we thank you for your continuous support.

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MARCH 2022

World Blockchain Summit — Dubai

A global series of elite gatherings organized by Trescon Global, this time held in Dubai. The summit brings together essential stakeholders from Blockchain & Cryptocurrency ecosystems. Many investors, government representatives, technology leaders, and top level influencers. NFTs and the future of the Metaverse, From Web2.0 to Web3.0, the Current state of Defi, and the institutionalization of crypto markets are a few interesting topics that have been discussed.

EXIP Team at World Blockchain Summit-Dubai

EXIP’s management team was present at the summit, discussing the current and future state of the project. The official tour to Dubai expands beyond the summit, and includes meetups with many other blockchain and government representatives discussing the feasibility of project and organizational expansion.

NFT Marketplace

Launching of NFT Marketplace was initially planned during the Dubai- World Blockchain Summit as to be launched from an international platform. Due to the last phase of development in compatibility and user interface the management decided to push it back. The aim is to provide the user a hassle-free virtual environment to trade their Domains & TLDs. The global users are yet to experience this for the first time as there were no other Domain projects allow user trading. Until this time, this experience was only destined to professional domain retailers, and not for public. At EXIP we always create new possibilities for public.