EXIP Monthly Report | May 2022

Dear EXIP Community,

Entering a new month and seeing the footprints we left behind on milestones achieved, brings us great joy and a sense of accomplishment. We are honoured to have our awesome EXIP Community traveling with us on this journey. This journey that EXIP is on, in creating solutions for these challenges, faced even by gigantic tech companies, is easier said than done. Fortunately, EXIP and the community is supported by leading blockchain engineers and a strong management team, that is upto the challenge without compromise. Unlike many tech giants, we focus on releasing products with minimal or complete bug-free usage, to enable users a seamless & easy service experience. Our team spends much time on user testing and interface development to deliver a more sophisticated experience. Thanks to their herculean efforts — we were able to launch DRS V2.0 in May 2022.

As planned, the Domain Reservation System was launched with hosting solutions, thereby enabling the TLD owners to open their domains and host static websites. If you still haven’t given it a try, this is your chance to explore the DRS, get a domain/TLD and start building your websites. Even more technical updates and launches are planned for this month. Our tech team is working on the NFT Marketplace and coupling it with the DRS to make it even more integrated. So keep your fingers crossed, we are about to deliver another massive development which is about to enter the market.

Thank you for always trusting and supporting us. We believe you all provide the boost that keeps us traveling forward.

EXIP — Decentralized Internet Governed by Community


MAY 2022

Launch of DRS V2.0

On 31 May, 2022 EXIP launched DRS V2.0. The massive upgrade on which the whole community was waiting on, brought in the static webhosting solution as promised. Currently the IPFS hosting facility is coupled to the system. Soon EXIP’s own hosting solution, currently under development, will power up the system. The DRS was given a new look, and now serves as a single interface system, that allows many features.

DRS V2.0 Launch

Official-PR/News: https://exip.live/exip-launches-new-upgraded-drs-version-2-0-with-web-hosting-solutions

Medium: https://exip.medium.com/exip-launches-new-upgraded-drs-version-2-0-with-web-hosting-solutions-3697b532ccdf

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/exip-launches-new-upgraded-drs-version-20-web-hosting-solutions-/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EXIP/comments/v1suit/exip_drs_v20_launch/

NFT Marketplace

The launch of NFT marketplace was intentionally postponed to implement the suggestions listed by Management and users. The platform now being developed will include integrated options to connect both the DRS and NFT Marketplace. The launch date is yet to be announced.


“EXIP Logs” are collection of EXIP’s blogs and articles focused on delivering quality content and information to the community. This month on EXIP Logs, an explanation was given using contemporary examples, as to why centralized DNS is dangerous and why shifting to decentralized web will be the requirement of the future.

Read-More: https://exip.medium.com/domination-of-centralized-domains-the-internets-weakest-link-7f75d4bd505f