EXIP Monthly Report | October, 2021

Dear EXIP community,

We write to you with many delighted moments from October. We are happy to have such a wonderful community that believes in and encourages us to build EXIP. We are motivated by every comment that you post in our Telegram community, appreciating us. Our ambassadors and community managers bring your comments to our management. We appreciate your advice and take the time to discuss them in our management meetings.

Our management decided to let our users know about this process to emphasize how important is your role in paving our path. As we stated, we are not building a project, and it is a revolution. A revolution in economy and authority. We are in the process of making the most powerful community to create and support this revolution. The true power of people voicing for their rights. All these days, the only reason the authorities stated, for controlling the internet was no efficient tool to govern. Yet we are building it — An open ecosystem with inbuilt governance that comes directly from people! Our engineers are building tools. A tool to be used by our community.

Now is the time to spread this message and expand the community. The month of October already started witnessing. November and upcoming months are also filled with plans of expansion. Community expansion is directly proportional to the community’s strength.


EXIP — Decentralized Internet Governed by Community

Stay tuned for more updates.