EXIP Monthly Report | September, 2021

Dear EXIP community,

We are reaching you with much wider updates from the month of September. A relatively longer month made the Technical & Operations team, work around the clock, testing and launching our Ecosystem beta V1. Despite facing many technical challenges, our management successfully directed the team to achieve the goal as set in our plan.

We are much content about the Domain sales that have started skyrocketing. Even before starting our marketing campaigns set for October, we are experiencing constant active sales, which proves how the internet community is looking forward to this project — Taking a moment to be proud of creating this holistic approach and trying to free the internet community from long-held constraints.

We strongly believe that these are only possible because of the valuable community we have. Thank you for always being supportive and encouraging us from the very beginning. Thus we attribute the governing power to our strong community.


EXIP joins Faster Capital

Faster Capital is an online incubator & accelerator for sourcing funds for programs. Exip joins Faster Capital’s ‘Raise Capital Program’ to explore the benefits the community can enjoy. We have received the initial acceptance from the program, and FasterCapital committed to investing $30 million in EXIP with the ‘Raise Capital program’.EXIP – FasterCapital is committed to investing $30000000 in EXIP by becoming its Technical partner…FasterCapital will invest $30000000 in EXIP by becoming its Technical partner.the internet is probably the single…fastercapital.com

Launching Browser Extension — Mozilla Firefox

EXIP Development team launched the browser extension V1.0 Beta for Mozilla Firefox on the 09th of September. The version was under continuous testing processes to accomplish bug fixing and ensuring seamless functionality.

The browser extension will enable the 200 Million Firefox users worldwide to flawlessly view the EXIP hosted websites.

The users can install the extension via the following link.Exip DDN Extension – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)EXIP is designed to decentralise the internet and overcome monopolistic control over domain names and Top-level…addons.mozilla.org

Launch of EXIP Ecosystem Beta V1

To view the EXIP hosted websites flawlessly, on the 10th of September, EXIP launched the Ecosystem, thus enabling the community to step into the decentralized internet. The Ecosystem was released at Version 1.0 Beta, expecting subsequent updates to keep providing better services continuously. As part of the Ecosystem, the EXIP’s DRS (Domain Reservation System) was also released to the market to reserve EXIP domains & TLDs. Ever since the launch, the domains & TLD sales have started increasing, which confirms that the necessity of this project was a long expectation of internet users.

Obtain your favourite DOMAINS & TLDs from our DRS system today :ExipEdit descriptiondomains.exip.live

Promotional Activities


The results of the ‘EXIP Quiz’ (27th August — 02nd September) were released. The quiz competition was organized by EXIP, along with Coindar.org, to celebrate EXIP’s participation at SYNOPSIS 2021.


Out of 797 participants who attended the competition, 238 participants answered correctly, and ten lucky winners were chosen for the prize pool of 200 USDT.
Check the results: https://coindar.org/en/synergies/quiz_result/34/

2. Celebrating the launch of Ecosystem — Competition
EXIP aired a promotional competition to celebrate the launch of Ecosystem beta V1. The competition was one remarkable activity in the digital world, providing 11 ways to enter the massive draw for the grand reward pool of $2000.

Ecosystem Beta V1 celebration competition

More than 6000 participants took part in this competition, which was live from 10th to 20th of September. Results were released on the 24th of September, and the winners were announced.

Check the results: https://gleam.io/viIUU/exip-ecosystem-v10-launch-celebration-competition

Reader’s Digest

This month on Reader’s Digest, learn more about robust solutions that blockchain technology could provide and why EXIP is the leader of all.

EXIP — The ‘Out of the Box’ Revolution :

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The month of September:

Main Market Drive:
Community Channels (Social Messaging Networks)

Primary Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter)

Marketing Budget utilization: Moderate

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/exipproject)

Total Likes & Followers: 7418 | 7488

Twitter (https://twitter.com/ExipOfficial)

Total Followers: 5384

Linked In (https://www.linkedin.com/company/26618118)

Total Followers: 501

About EXIP

EXIP, a decentralized Internet, has no central governing body. Nobody reserves the right to dictate the primary operations of this internet. The building blocks to this system are decentralized applications, known as Nodes.

Nodes run on a decentralized network, such as the Ethereum or EOS blockchain. These nodes are controlled by a community of users staked with tokens for providing their computing power. The data you supply to use these applications get stored in an encrypted form on a computer network that cannot read your data. The keys to unscramble the encryption reside only on personal devices. The community alone controls their information.

EXIP returns ownership of your domains and TLDs, where an agnostic NFTs prefered by you identifies your domain & Top-Level Domain. EXIP DNS is blockchain-based, and the owner of the respective domain & top-level domain has complete control of its usage, even the provisioning of new domain names cum subdomains.

EXIP token is an agnostic usage & governance token releasing based on the Binance chain.2.1 Million EXIP tokens will be minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and listed on exchanges.EXIP tokens will be used to buy, sell, and auction domains & top-level domains, while token holders will get staked when domains & TLDs are purchased & auctioned

EXIP project was designed by multinational teams and partners of experts in blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and the Fintech industry. The team is led by Shashi, the founder and chief executive officer of Mobiglotech blockchain Corp & Sharmilan, CEO of Niftron (blockchain as a service), won the best newcomer award SAARC startup global awards. It serves in the project as the core partner. The project token sale hard cap is 30MN USD.