Mobiglotech Blockchain Corp invites investment for EXIP Project

Mobiglotech Blockchain Corp.’s flagship project in partnership with Dev Ceylon Holdings and Niftron, TheEXIP project is looking for an investment of USD 1million to become a billion-dollar company by 2025.

The EXIP project themed as ‘By Community for Community’, is expected to create real independence on the internet and make sure it remains neutral to any political affiliations.

“EXIP ecosystem is custom built to the needs of any individual, private or government institution where they can have the ownership of their domain or TLD other than renting it as from present service providers. In future, depending on the way the world is moving with blockchains and decentralizations, all aspects of the project will be decentralized. The community will control it without any monopoly. We will build this project in such a way that all the users have equal rights to access and anyone will be able to create domains and top-level domains whose ownership will be identified through Non-fungible tokens,’’ said Founder/CEO Mobiglotech Shashi Meghavarnap. Mobiglotech is the world’s first decentralized domain and TLD name service.

“The internet transformed the way we carry out transactions, communicate, share information, promote business, entertain, study, and so forth. Nevertheless, the internet was never properly designed for such a global role.

On the other hand, some organizations have the power to seize, revoke, dismiss, and permanently erase any domain from existence. Once the EXIP project is completed, the community would be able to decide all the major actions in the system based on their voting such as removing or banning a domain or a user.” he added.

EXIP is specially designed to decentralize the internet and overcome monopolistic control over domains and TLDs. While providing the connectivity of the internet it assures full security similar to an intranet.

The EXIP project is moving forward smoothly and looking for an investment of USD 1 million to become a billion-dollar company by 2025.

Source Mobiglotech Blockchain Corp invites investment for EXIP Project | Daily News