What is EXIP?

EXIP is designed to decentralise the internet and overcome monopolistic control over domain names and Top-level domains. A Blockchain DNS solution where an agnostic NFTs prefered by you identifies your domain & Top-Level Domain. EXIP DNS is blockchain-based, and the owner of the respective domain & top-level domain has complete control of its usage, even the provisioning of new domain names cum subdomains.

EXIP ecosystem is custom-built to the needs of any individual, private or government institution. EXIP token is an agnostic usage & governance token releasing initially based on the Binance chain. EXIP tokens will be used to buy, sell, and auction domains & top-level domains, while token holders will get staked when domains & TLDs are purchased & auctioned.

EXIP browser & Extension will enable users to access blockchain-based DNS technologies where everything progresses with a zero-knowledge policy. No one will own the internet but the community. Giving the security of an intranet meanwhile and providing the connectivity of the internet. Only then we can build a genuinely free and open internet.